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Cruising 101

September 20, 2011

It’s not surprising that cruising is becoming more popular with each passing day. Last year fifteen million cruised.  The appeal of not having to pack and unpack, worrying about where you were going to sleep, where and how much meals are going to cost has its merits.  All you have to do is pick the destinations you want to visit, when you want to go and then review the ships sailing to those ports. The current favorite destinations are the Caribbean (40%), Alaska  and Bahamas (25% each), followed by the Mediterranean, Hawaii and the Panama Canal.

It’s the reviewing of the ships that’s the tricky part. There are very small ships of around 100 passengers and these are mainly river or expedition type ships. Currently there are around 46 cruise ships in 3 basic categories, small which would be around 700 passengers, medium ships which carry around 1800, large ships which hold 3000 and three mega ships with a capacity of 5000 plus. There at this time 26 new ships being built of which 4 are mega ships which will be launched in 2015. Most ships are running at full capacity.

A consideration most might not think of is how many ships will be docked at the same port on any given day.  A popular Mediterranean port can have as many as 9 ships docked with as many as 30,000 passengers.  You can only imagine the challenge to the infrastructure of the surrounding area!

Now you’re getting the picture, this is an involved process.  Fortunately we’re here to help!  Because after you’ve decided on the ship, we need to decide where on the ship you want to be.  There are “inside” cabins (which are akin to living in a closet with no natural light), outside cabins which have a porthole or window, verandah cabins which have sliding glass doors opening to a balcony and there are suites.  Then you need to pick where you want this accommodation to be located and on which deck. How do you want your beds configured, twin or queen?  When do you want to dine?  And the list goes on!

We have been on most major ships of all the major cruise lines, in fact I’m having dinner next week with the Captain of the Queen Elizabeth which will be in New York , so will have a report in my next blog.

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  1. September 20, 2011 11:49 am

    Wow! Bon Appetit! Can’t wait for that report in your next blog!


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