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Tapas, as you know, are a variety of small food items. They are often served to whet your appetite for what is to follow, but if several are served, they can actually become a small meal. Our blogs will contain information on current travel trends, the “hot” destinations, suggestions of interesting and different things to do there as well as travel tips to help make your journey more enjoyable. We’ll look at consumer travel trends, offer tipping guidelines, packing advice, cruises as well as land vacation alternatives, pros and cons of travel insurance, etiquette subtleties, currency exchange options, and actual Wilton Center Travel staff reports from their most recent trips. We hope that as you return from your favorite vacation spot, you’ll share your experiences with us. Some of our blogs will be a potpourri of information and some will be focused on specific issues.

We are Wilton Center Travel Ltd, established in 1978 as a full service leisure travel agency. Our professional staff has lived in over a dozen countries and traveled to over 150 on all 7 continents. Next to travel, we’re all “foodies”, so we might even share a recipe or two. Our onsite inspections of destinations and cruise ships plus long standing professional relationships with hoteliers worldwide provide the basis for most of our recommendations. Our ground floor location in the center of Wilton Center with easy parking makes us most accessible. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm and will always schedule private appointments to coincide with your availability.

Our goal is to provide you with the best value for your travel dollar. We co ordinate all your travel arrangements for a seamless vacation experience and when necessary, act as your ombudsman.

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